647 – 50mm Numbers

Image width: 220mm Image Height: 115mm

With a set of 50mm Number stencils, you can easily add clear and legible numbering to a wide range of projects and applications, making them more organized and visually appealing.


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A stencil featuring 50mm Numbers 0-9 can be a versatile tool for a variety of practical and creative applications.

Here are some common uses for such a stencil:

  1. Address Numbers: Use the stencil to paint or mark clear and visible house or building numbers on mailboxes, curbs, or exterior walls for easy identification.
  2. Signage: Create clear and professional-looking signs for various purposes, such as directional signs, parking lot numbers, or informational signage.
  3. Craft and DIY Projects: Incorporate the numbers into craft projects, DIY home decor, or artwork. They can be used to personalize items like wooden signs, picture frames, or furniture.
  4. Educational Tools: Teachers can use these stencils in the classroom to teach numbers, math concepts, or for creating educational materials like flashcards.
  5. Sports Jerseys: Customize sports jerseys or uniforms for teams by stencilling players’ numbers on the back of shirts or jerseys.
  6. Inventory and Organization: Number shelves, bins, or storage containers to keep items organized in a workshop, garage, or storage room.
  7. Event Decor: Use the stencilled numbers to create decor elements for parties, weddings, or events, such as table numbers, seating arrangements, or event banners.
  8. Craft and Hobby Labels: Label hobby and craft supplies, such as storage bins or toolboxes, with stencilled numbers for easy identification.
  9. Road and Pavement Markings: For outdoor use, stencil numbers on roads, parking lots, or pavements for designating parking spaces, speed limits, or bike lane numbers.
  10. Artistic Projects: Artists can incorporate stencilled numbers into their artwork or use them as a starting point for more complex designs.

Digits, Numerals, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Counting, Measurement.