673 – Angel Dove

Image width: 125mm Image Height: 223mm

This Angel and dove stencil with the word “Angel” can add a touch of spirituality, peace, and beauty to a wide range of creative projects, making it a versatile and meaningful design element.


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This stencil featuring an angel with a halo releasing a dove along with the word “Angel” can be used in various creative ways to add a touch of spirituality and elegance to different projects.

Here are some ideas for using this stencil:

  1. Greeting Cards: Create custom greeting cards for special occasions such as baptisms, confirmations, weddings, or sympathy cards. The angel and dove design can convey a sense of peace and serenity.
  2. Religious Art: Use the stencil to create religious art pieces on canvas or wooden panels. This can be displayed in homes, churches, or meditation spaces.
  3. Nursery Decor: Design a serene and angelic nursery by stencilling the angel and dove on the walls or furniture. It can create a calming atmosphere for a baby’s room.
  4. Wedding Decor: Incorporate the angel and dove stencil into wedding decorations, such as invitations, table centrepieces, or guest book covers. It symbolizes love, peace, and blessings.
  5. Church Decor: Enhance the interior decor of a church or chapel by stencilling the angel and dove design on walls, pillars, or the pulpit area.
  6. Scrapbooking: Crafters can use the stencil for scrapbooking projects related to religious events or personal milestones. It’s a beautiful addition to memory books.
  7. Prayer Candles: Decorate prayer candles with the angel and dove design. These can be used during meditation, prayer, or religious ceremonies.
  8. Gift Wrapping: Customize gift wrapping paper with the angel and dove stencil to add a special touch to gifts for religious occasions or angel-themed gifts.
  9. Framed Artwork: Frame the stencilled design in an ornate frame and hang it as wall art in your home. It can serve as a reminder of faith and spirituality.

Spirit, Heaven, Divine, Serenity, Wings.