916 – Big 5 Spoor

Image width: 215mm Image Height: 184mm

Whether you’re aiming to educate, inspire, or celebrate the Big Five animals and their tracks, this stencil set can be a valuable tool for achieving your creative and educational goals.


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This Big Five set of animal footprints, along with the word “Big 5” can be a captivating addition to various creative and educational projects.

Here are some potential uses for this stencil set:

  1. Educational Displays: Create informative displays or posters in schools, nature reserves, or wildlife sanctuaries to educate visitors about the Big Five animals and their tracks.
  2. Safari and Wildlife Tours: Use the stencils to design promotional materials for safari companies, wildlife tours, or game reserves to highlight the Big Five attractions.
  3. Wildlife Conservation Campaigns: Incorporate the Big Five footprints into banners, flyers, or social media graphics to raise awareness and support for wildlife conservation efforts.
  4. Zoo Signage: Develop engaging signs for zoo exhibits featuring the Big Five animals, offering visitors an opportunity to identify and learn about their tracks.
  5. Educational Resources: Create educational resources for schools, including worksheets, flashcards, or interactive activities that help students understand animal tracks and the Big Five.
  6. Children’s Nature Exploration: Encourage kids to explore nature by organizing tracking activities in parks or nature centres, using the stencils to identify animal prints.
  7. Wildlife Identification Guides: Design guides or field books for wildlife enthusiasts and trackers to help identify animal tracks in their natural habitat.
  8. Nature Centre Decor: Enhance the ambiance of nature centres, visitor centres, or education rooms with wall murals featuring the Big Five tracks.
  9. Safari-Themed Parties: Use the stencils for decorations, invitations, or party favours at safari-themed events, kids’ birthdays, or wildlife-themed parties.
  10. Art and Craft Projects: Integrate the Big Five tracks into art projects, such as paintings, drawings, or collages, fostering creativity and an appreciation for wildlife.
  11. Wildlife Photography Exhibits: Incorporate the footprints into photography exhibits featuring the Big Five, highlighting the beauty of wildlife and their tracks.
  12. Outdoor Signage: Design trail markers or directional signs for outdoor wildlife trails or reserves, featuring the Big Five footprints to guide hikers and nature enthusiasts.
  13. Game Lodges and Resorts: Decorate accommodations, common areas, or signage at game lodges and resorts to create an immersive wildlife experience.
  14. Children’s Books: Illustrate children’s books about wildlife and safaris, using the footprints to engage young readers and spark their curiosity.
  15. Wildlife Apparel: Customize clothing items, such as t-shirts, hats, or backpacks, with the Big Five footprints for a wildlife-inspired wardrobe.
  16. Nature and Tracking Workshops: Use the stencils in workshops or nature tracking activities to teach people how to identify and understand animal tracks.
  17. African Art Galleries: Include the Big Five footprints in African art exhibitions to celebrate the rich wildlife heritage of the continent.
  18. Animal Sanctuary Signage: Enhance animal sanctuary signage to educate visitors about rescued Big Five animals and their significance.

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