921 – Buddy Ellie

Image width: 280mm Image Height: 174mm

Whether you’re an educator, parent, or content creator, using the cartoon elephant to teach numbers can be both educational and fun. Adapt the activities to suit the age and developmental level of the children involved, ensuring that the materials are engaging and age-appropriate.


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This stencil of a cartoon elephant walking with the numbers 1 to5 offers various creative and educational uses.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Counting Cards: Design a set of counting cards featuring the cartoon elephant with numbers 1-5. These cards can help young children learn to count and recognize numbers.
  2. Number Recognition Game: Create a fun number recognition game where children must match objects or other cards with the correct number represented by the cartoon elephant.
  3. Math Worksheets: Develop math worksheets that involve simple addition, subtraction, or multiplication problems. The cartoon elephant can make math exercises more engaging.
  4. Number Ordering Activity: Teach children to order numbers sequentially with the help of the cartoon elephant. This can be used to teach basic number sequences or ordering numbers in ascending or descending order.
  5. Learning to Write Numbers: Create worksheets to help children practice writing numbers. They can trace the numbers represented by the cartoon elephant.
  6. Math Flashcards: Make math flashcards that display the numbers and corresponding objects to count. For example, the number 4 could have four apples.
  7. Number Bonds: Use the stencil to design materials for teaching number bonds. For example, a card with the number 5 could feature equations like 2+3 and 4+1.
  8. Math Bingo: Develop Bingo cards for practicing number recognition and basic math operations with the cartoon elephant as the central theme.
  9. Number Hunt Game: Organize a number hunt where children search for objects or cards with numbers and match them to the cartoon elephant with the corresponding number.
  10. Story Problems: Incorporate the cartoon elephant and numbers into story problems that require children to solve math challenges in a storytelling context.
  11. Learning to Compare Numbers: Create activities that teach children to compare numbers using greater than, less than, or equal signs.
  12. Math Art Projects: Incorporate the cartoon elephant into number-themed art projects where children can draw, paint, or craft to represent numbers.
  13. Number Recognition Challenges: Organize contests or challenges that test children’s ability to recognize numbers quickly with the help of the cartoon elephant.
  14. Number Patterns and Sequences: Teach number patterns and sequences by using the cartoon elephant as a visual aid for understanding counting patterns.
  15. Interactive Storytelling: Incorporate the cartoon elephant into interactive storytelling sessions that revolve around numbers and counting.
  16. Number Recognition Wall Decor: Decorate a classroom or learning space with wall decor that includes the cartoon elephant and numbers to create an engaging learning environment.
  17. Number Matching Puzzles: Create puzzles or games where children must match numbers with corresponding objects, dots, or number words.
  18. Learning to Count to 5: Use the cartoon elephant to teach young learners to count from 1 to 5.
  19. Educational Playdate Activities: Use the materials in playdate activities to make learning numbers a social and enjoyable experience.

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