918 – Buddy Sea Set

Image width: 198mm Image Height: 210mm

This versatile stencil can be a valuable resource for educators, parents, and anyone interested in introducing children to the fascinating world of marine life in a creative and engaging way.


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This Buddy Sea Life set featuring dolphins, a starfish and seagrass can add a playful and whimsical touch to various creative projects and educational materials.

Here are some ideas for using this stencil set:

  1. Children’s Educational Materials: Create engaging educational materials for children, such as colouring books, worksheets, and flashcards, to teach them about marine life in a fun and interactive way.
  2. Classroom Decor: Enhance classroom walls, bulletin boards, or door decorations with colourful sea life stencils to create a vibrant and welcoming learning environment.
  3. Underwater Themed Parties: Use the stencils for invitations, decorations, and party favours at underwater-themed birthday parties or events, making a splash with young guests.
  4. Ocean-themed Murals: Paint murals in nurseries, playrooms, or children’s hospitals to transform spaces into underwater wonderlands filled with friendly sea creatures.
  5. Storytelling Aids: Develop visual aids for storytelling sessions, helping storytellers and educators illustrate sea-themed tales or lessons with the stencils.
  6. Homemade Greeting Cards: Design personalized greeting cards for special occasions, featuring playful sea life characters to delight recipients.
  7. Art and Craft Projects: Incorporate the stencils into art projects like paintings, collages, or crafts, allowing children to express their creativity and learn about marine life.
  8. Educational Workshops: Use the stencils in educational workshops, nature centres, or marine life camps to educate children about dolphins, starfish, and seagrasses.
  9. Educational Posters: Create informative posters for classrooms, libraries, or marine life centres, providing facts about sea creatures and their habitats.
  10. Sea Life Colouring Pages: Develop printable colouring pages for websites, educational apps, or activity books, offering children an opportunity to colour and learn.
  11. Children’s Books: Illustrate children’s books with the stencils, crafting engaging stories about the adventures of dolphins and their friends.
  12. Science Project Displays: Design eye-catching displays for school science projects, showcasing marine life research or conservation efforts.
  13. Aquarium Exhibits: Enhance displays in aquariums, children’s museums, or marine life centres to engage young visitors and teach them about the sea.
  14. Educational Games: Create board games, puzzles, or memory cards featuring sea life characters to make learning about marine biology fun.
  15. Dolphin and Sea Life Merchandise: Use the stencils to decorate merchandise like T-shirts, tote bags, or mugs to appeal to kids and ocean enthusiasts.
  16. Scrapbooking: Add sea life motifs to scrapbooks and memory albums, documenting beach vacations or marine-themed experiences.
  17. Decorative Wall Art: Frame and hang completed sea life artworks as decorative wall art in children’s bedrooms or play areas.
  18. School Mascots: Design school or team mascots inspired by the friendly sea creatures to create a unique and memorable emblem.

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