654 – Chilli and Garlic

Image width: 190mm Image Height: 118mm

Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or simply love the flavours and aesthetics of spicy ingredients, a stencil featuring chili peppers, garlic, and peppers can add zest to your kitchen decor and culinary creations.


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This stencil featuring chili peppers, garlic, and peppers can be a fun and vibrant addition to various culinary and kitchen-themed projects. Here are some imaginative uses for such a stencil:

  1. Kitchen Wall Art: Create kitchen-themed wall art by stencilling the chili, garlic, and pepper design onto a canvas or directly onto a kitchen wall. This can add a spicy and flavourful touch to the decor.
  2. Recipe Cards: Customize recipe cards or recipe book covers with the stencil design to give your favourite recipes a spicy twist.
  3. Aprons and Oven Mitts: Personalize kitchen aprons, oven mitts, or chef’s hats with the chili and pepper stencil to infuse your cooking attire with some culinary flair.
  4. Spice Jar Labels: Design custom labels for spice jars or containers, incorporating the stencil elements to represent the ingredients inside.
  5. Culinary Posters: Create posters or prints featuring the chili, garlic, and pepper stencil for use in your kitchen or dining area.
  6. Menu Boards: Decorate menu boards in restaurants or cafes with the stencil design, especially if the establishment specializes in spicy or Mexican cuisine.
  7. Culinary Workshops: Use the stencil for culinary workshops, cooking classes, or food-related events to add a decorative element to promotional materials or certificates.
  8. Kitchen Backsplash: Incorporate the stencil into a kitchen backsplash design for a unique and spicy kitchen decor theme.
  9. Food Packaging: Customize food packaging for homemade chili sauces, spice blends, or garlic-infused oils with the stencil to create a branded look.
  10. Cookbook Covers: Design cookbook covers featuring the chili, garlic, and red pepper stencil to give your homemade recipe collection a cohesive and thematic appearance.
  11. Table Runners: Stencil the design onto fabric table runners or placemats to create a fiery and inviting table setting for meals.
  12. Mexican Fiesta Decor: If you’re hosting a Mexican-themed party or fiesta, use the stencil to decorate banners, signs, or tablecloths to set the mood.

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