226 – Corner Flower

Image width: 115mm Image Height: 118mm

By using the corner flower stencil creatively, you can add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to your projects, whether they are for decor, crafts, or special occasions celebrating the beauty of flowers and foliage.


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A corner flower with leaves stencil is a versatile and decorative design element that can be used in various creative and artistic projects. This type of stencil features a floral motif with leaves, and it’s designed to fit in the corner of a surface, providing an elegant and organic touch to your projects. Here are some creative uses for a corner flower with leaves stencil:

  1. Home Decor: Stencil the corner flower design on walls or ceilings in your home to create a visually appealing and natural border or accent. It’s a lovely way to add a touch of nature to your living spaces.
  2. Furniture Embellishment: Transform plain furniture pieces like tables, cabinets, or mirror frames by stencilling the corner flower pattern. This adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your decor.
  3. Textile Design: Use the stencil to print the corner flower and leaf pattern onto textiles such as curtains, pillow covers, table runners, or bedding. It can create custom and coordinated home decor accessories.
  4. Greeting Cards: Incorporate the stencil design into handmade greeting cards for various occasions, such as birthdays, thank-you notes, or wedding invitations. It adds a floral and artistic touch to your cards.
  5. Art Prints: Create custom art prints or posters by stencilling the corner flower with leaves onto paper or canvas. These prints can be framed and displayed as wall art.
  6. Scrapbooking: Use the stencil design in scrapbooking projects to add a touch of nature and elegance to your layouts and memory albums.
  7. Craft Projects: Craft enthusiasts can use the corner flower with leaves stencil for various DIY projects, including creating custom stationery, fabric designs, or home decor items like throw pillows and tablecloths.
  8. Fashion and Accessories: Stencil the corner flower pattern onto clothing items like blouses, skirts, or tote bags to create unique and stylish fashion pieces.
  9. Party Decorations: Decorate special events like weddings, bridal showers, or garden parties with the corner flower with leaves stencil. It can be applied to banners, table runners, or party favours to create a charming atmosphere.
  10. Retail Displays: Retailers selling home decor or floral-themed products can use the corner flower stencil in their store displays to create an inviting shopping environment and showcase their merchandise.
  11. Custom Stationery: Create custom stationery items like notepads, envelopes, or letterheads with the corner flower and leaf pattern for an elegant and personalized touch.

When using the corner flower with leaves stencil, consider the following tips:

  • Choose paint colours that match the overall decor and colour scheme of your project.
  • Ensure proper surface preparation to achieve clean and visually appealing results.
  • Pay attention to stencil placement to create a balanced and visually pleasing design in the corner.
  • Experiment with different application techniques, such as stippling, brushing, or sponging, to achieve the desired texture and effect.
  • Seal the finished design with an appropriate sealant or varnish to protect the stencilled surface and ensure longevity.

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