823 – Floral Corner

Image width: 172mm Image Height: 175mm

This quarter of a repeating corner design stencil offers a wonderful way to infuse natural beauty and elegance into your creative endeavours, whether you’re decorating your home, crafting, or adding style to various objects and surfaces.


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This quarter of a repeating corner design with flowers, branches, and leaves is a versatile stencil that can be used in various creative projects to add a touch of natural beauty and elegance.

Here are some potential uses for this type of stencil:

  1. Home Decor: Create beautiful and intricate patterns on your walls or furniture by using the stencil to embellish corners or borders. This can add a touch of nature and sophistication to your living space.
  2. Scrapbooking: Incorporate the floral corner design into your scrapbooking projects. It can be used to frame photos, create decorative borders, or enhance the overall look of your scrapbook pages.
  3. Furniture Makeovers: Transform plain or old furniture into stylish pieces by stencilling the floral design on table edges, chair backs, or cabinet doors.
  4. Textile Design: Apply the stencil to fabric, such as pillow covers, tablecloths, or curtains, to add an elegant touch to your home textiles.
  5. Art Prints: Use the stencil to create art prints that can be framed and hung as wall art in your home or sold as decorative pieces.
  6. Ceramics and Pottery: Apply the design to ceramics and pottery pieces, like vases or plates, to create unique and visually appealing tableware.
  7. Wedding Decor: Incorporate the floral corner design into wedding decor, such as table settings or aisle runners for a romantic and natural theme.
  8. Fashion Design: Use the stencil to add an intricate touch to clothing or accessories. It can be applied to garments or handbags for a personalized and stylish look.
  9. Window Treatments: Apply the stencil to window valances, blinds, or curtains to create a nature-inspired window treatment for your home.

Foliage, Ornate, Decor, Artistic, Symmetrical, Detailed, Intricate, Aesthetic.