207 – Grapes

Image width: 108mm Image Height: 135mm

A cluster of grapes along with a grape leaf. This stencil is often used for various artistic and decorative purposes, especially those related to wine, vineyards, or rustic decor.


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A bunch of grapes with a leaf stencil can add a touch of vineyard charm and wine culture to a wide range of artistic and decorative endeavours.

Here are some uses for a bunch of grapes with a leaf stencil:

  1. Kitchen Decor: Create grape-themed kitchen decor by stencilling the bunch of grapes and leaf design on items like wooden signs, dish towels, or aprons for a rustic and inviting kitchen ambiance.
  2. Wine Cellar Decor: Use the stencil to decorate wine cellar walls, wine racks, or wine barrel tops with grape and leaf motifs, enhancing the wine-themed atmosphere.
  3. Winery Signage: Customize signage for wineries, vineyards, or wine-tasting rooms with the grape bunch and leaf stencil, helping to establish a visual brand identity.
  4. Greeting Cards: Incorporate the stencil into your card-making projects to create wine-themed greeting cards for wine enthusiasts or special occasions.
  5. Outdoor Decor: Stencil the grape bunch and leaf pattern on items like garden flags, outdoor cushions, or patio furniture for a wine-inspired outdoor space.
  6. Wine Tasting Events: Decorate invitations, wine menus, and event signage for wine-tasting events and parties with the grape and leaf design.
  7. Vineyard Wedding Decor: Use the stencil to create decorations for vineyard weddings, including place cards, table runners, and centrepieces.
  8. Wine and Grape Artwork: Experiment with various artistic techniques to create wine-themed artwork or rustic decor featuring the grape bunch and leaf motif.
  9. Wine Storage: Enhance wine storage areas or wine cellars by stencilling the grape and leaf design on wine crates, shelves, or storage bins.
  10. Restaurant Menus: Design wine lists or restaurant menus with the stencil, adding a touch of elegance and wine-themed charm.
  11. Wine Barrel Art: Decorate wine barrels with the stencil to create unique wine barrel art pieces for indoor or outdoor use.
  12. Wine Accessories: Customize wine accessories such as coasters, wine glass charms, or cork trivets with the grape and leaf stencil.
  13. Wine Tasting Notes: Create wine tasting notebooks or cards with the stencil as part of wine tasting events or educational materials.
  14. Culinary Events: Decorate menus, table settings, or event decor for culinary events that feature wine pairings or wine-focused themes.

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