164 – Hands

Image width: 83mm Image Height: 130mm

A left and right hand print stencil featuring handprints can be a versatile design element that represents unity, cooperation, and diversity. It can be used in various creative and meaningful ways.


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When using left and right hand print stencils, consider the colour palette, size, and surface materials that best convey the intended message of unity, cooperation, and diversity. Whether you’re using the stencils for educational activities, community projects, or personal expressions of togetherness, they can serve as a powerful symbol of unity and the importance of working together.

Here are some creative uses for a left and right hand print stencil:

  1. Educational Activities:
    • Teaching: Use the stencils for educational purposes, especially in early childhood education. Children can use the stencils to create handprint art, learn about left and right, and develop fine motor skills.
    • School Projects: Incorporate the handprint stencils into school projects related to teamwork, diversity, or body anatomy.
  2. Art and Craft Projects:
    • Collages: Create collages by stencilling handprints onto paper or canvas, arranging them in various ways to symbolize unity or diversity.
    • Mixed Media Art: Integrate handprint stencils into mixed media art projects, combining them with other elements to convey specific themes or messages.
    • Handprint Keepsakes: Design keepsake projects such as handprint ornaments, clay imprints, or family handprint trees.
  3. Community and Unity Events:
    • Community Art Projects: Organize community art projects that involve participants using the handprint stencils to create collaborative artworks symbolizing unity and cooperation.
    • Diversity Celebrations: Use the handprints as part of decorations or activities during events that celebrate diversity and inclusivity.
  4. School and Sports Teams:
    • Team Spirit: Incorporate handprint stencils into team logos or banners for school sports teams or clubs, emphasizing unity and teamwork.
    • Fundraising: Create customized merchandise like T-shirts, caps, or banners with handprint stencils to raise funds for school programs or sports teams.
  5. Personal Expressions of Unity:
    • Family Art: Encourage family members to create collaborative handprint art that represents unity and togetherness.
    • Friendship Art: Use the handprint stencils to create art that symbolizes friendship and shared experiences, making it a thoughtful gift or decoration.
  6. Awareness Campaigns:
    • Community Awareness: Incorporate the handprint stencils into awareness campaigns that promote unity, cooperation, or social issues related to diversity and inclusion.
    • Volunteer and Charity Events: Use the stencils in promotional materials and decorations for volunteer events or charity fundraisers that aim to bring people together for a common cause.
  7. Business and Branding:
    • Logo Design: If your business values teamwork, diversity, or cooperation, consider using the handprint stencils in your logo and branding materials.
    • Corporate Events: Utilize handprint designs in corporate events and team-building activities to emphasize unity and collaboration among employees.
  8. Community Building:
    • Community Art Initiatives: Launch community art initiatives that involve residents using handprint stencils to contribute to a collective art project displayed in a public space.
    • Neighbourhood Events: Incorporate the stencils into neighbourhood events or block parties to promote neighbourly unity and engagement.

Fingers, Palms, Grasp, Touch, Gestures, Dexterity, Manipulate, Embrace, Handshakes, Sign Language, Handprints.