672 – Lobster

Image width: 129mm Image Height: 220mm

This lobster stencil is a versatile design element that can add a touch of coastal elegance and marine charm to a wide range of creative projects and decor themes. Whether you’re celebrating seafood, decorating a coastal property, or adding nautical accents to your space, the lobster stencil can be a standout feature.


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This stencil featuring a full-grown lobster shown from the top can be used in various creative projects and decor to add a marine or nautical touch. Lobsters are iconic sea creatures and can be quite visually striking.

Here are some creative uses for this stencil:

  1. Kitchen Decor: Create lobster-themed kitchen decor by stencilling the lobster design on dish towels, placemats, or aprons. This can add a touch of coastal charm to your cooking space.
  2. Beach House Signage: If you have a beach house or beach-themed property, use the stencil to create signs indicating different areas or rooms. For example, “Lobster Shack” or “Beachside Kitchen.”
  3. Nautical Wall Art: Stencil the lobster design on canvas or wooden panels to create nautical wall art. This can be a focal point in a living room, bedroom, or hallway with a coastal theme.
  4. Lobster Feast Invitations: If you’re hosting a seafood feast or lobster boil, use the stencil to design custom invitations that set the tone for your event.
  5. Restaurant Decor: If you own or manage a seafood restaurant, consider using the lobster stencil for decor elements such as menus, chalkboard specials, or wall art.
  6. Seaside Party Decor: For beach-themed parties or summer gatherings, incorporate the lobster stencil into decorations like banners, tablecloths, or beach-themed party favours.
  7. Nautical Crafts: Incorporate the lobster design into nautical-themed craft projects, such as creating wooden signs, decorative boxes, or painted lobster buoys.
  8. Marine Educational Materials: Teachers and educators can use the lobster stencil for educational materials about marine life, crustaceans, or ocean ecosystems.
  9. Restaurant Menus: Design menus for seafood restaurants or lobster-specific dishes using the lobster stencil as a decorative element.
  10. Coastal Accessories: Customize tote bags, throw pillows, or beach towels with the lobster stencil. These accessories can be used at the beach or as part of coastal interior decor.

Shellfish, Aquatic, Lobster Tail, Ocean Creatures.