653 – Mary and Joseph

Image width: 210mm Image Height: 133mm

This stencil featuring the Holy Family’s journey to Bethlehem can be a powerful and visually stunning addition to Christmas decor, reminding us of the spiritual significance of the holiday season.


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This stencil featuring Mary on a donkey being led by Joseph and a star can be used in various creative projects, particularly those related to the Nativity scene, Christmas decor, or religious art.

Here are some imaginative uses for such a stencil:

  1. Nativity Scene: Create a detailed Nativity scene mural or artwork on walls, canvas, or wood by stencilling the Mary, Joseph, and star elements. This can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to holiday decor.
  2. Christmas Cards: Craft custom Christmas cards with the stencil design to send warm wishes and religious sentiments to friends and family during the holiday season.
  3. Christmas Decor: Decorate holiday wreaths, tree skirts, or stockings with the Nativity stencil to infuse Christmas decor with a spiritual and symbolic touch.
  4. Church Banners: Use the stencil to design banners or backdrops for church Nativity plays, pageants or Christmas services.
  5. Advent Calendar: Create an Advent calendar with the Mary, Joseph, and star stencil, allowing children to reveal one element each day leading up to Christmas.
  6. Holiday Window Art: Decorate windows at home or in public spaces with the Nativity scene stencil to share the Christmas story with passers by.
  7. Religious Art: Incorporate the stencil into religious art projects, such as paintings, stained glass designs, or church decorations, to depict the Holy Family’s journey.
  8. Wooden Cut outs: Cut wooden shapes of Mary, Joseph, and the star using the stencil as a template and paint them to make charming holiday ornaments or yard decorations.
  9. Table Centrepieces: Design table centrepieces for Christmas dinners or church gatherings by stencilling the Nativity scene on table runners, placemats, or decorative centrepieces.
  10. Holiday T-Shirts: Customize T-shirts with the stencil design for church groups, choir members, or family gatherings during the holiday season.
  11. Holiday Cards: Print the Nativity scene on holiday cards, invitations, or church program covers to convey the message of Christmas to a wider audience.
  12. Christmas Crafts: Incorporate the stencil into various Christmas crafts, such as making Nativity-themed ornaments, paper lanterns, or gift tags.

December, Bethlehem, Birth of Jesus Christ, Holy Family, Stable, Christian, Guiding Star, Faith, Hope, Love.