N150 – Number Set 150mm (0-9)

Image width: mm Image Height: 150mm

This number set includes ten individual stencils: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, which are 150mm high, and vary in width according to the number.

A set of 150mm high number stencils is valuable for adding large, clear, and highly visible numbers to a variety of projects, particularly when visibility from a distance is essential.


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A set of 150mm high number stencils can be used for various applications, especially when you need larger and more visible numbers.

Here are some common uses for a set of 150mm high number stencils:

  1. Large Signage: Create large signs for events, exhibitions, trade shows, and conferences. These stencils are perfect for prominent and easy-to-read signs.
  2. Address Marking: Paint house numbers on curbs, walls, or mailboxes for better visibility and quick location by postal services and visitors.
  3. Parking Lots: Number parking spaces in commercial and public parking areas to help drivers easily identify and find their vehicles.
  4. Warehouses and Inventory: Label pallets, bins, storage areas, and shelving with stencilled numbers for efficient inventory management and organization.
  5. Construction Sites: Number buildings, floors, or rooms during construction projects to facilitate logistics, organization, and safety.
  6. Educational Use: Teachers can use these stencils for educational displays, math lessons, and classroom activities.
  7. Sports Fields: Number sports fields, track lanes, or seats in stadiums and sports arenas. These large numbers are highly visible.
  8. DIY Home Projects: Mark steps, structural elements, or utility installations during home improvement projects, providing clear and large identification.
  9. Retail Merchandising: Price products, create displays, and label sales promotions in retail settings.
  10. Agricultural Applications: Number bins, crates, or livestock pens for agricultural organization and management.
  11. Events and Conventions: Create large and clear signage for events, trade shows, conventions, and conferences to guide attendees.
  12. Industrial Facilities: Label equipment, machinery, or manufacturing units for organization, maintenance, and safety.
  13. Event Planning: Number booths, exhibitor spaces, or directional signage at fairs, markets, and expos.
  14. Tool and Workshop Organization: Label toolboxes, shelves, or tool racks for easy tool identification in workshops and garages.
  15. Brewing and Winemaking: Number kegs, batches, or tanks during brewing and winemaking processes. The large numbers are highly visible in the production environment.
  16. Stage and Theatre Production: Label stage areas, lighting cues, or props for theatre and live performances. The large stencils ensure visibility from a distance.
  17. Street Art and Murals: Street artists can use large stencilled numbers for creative and numerical street art and murals.
  18. Manufacturing and Production: Number production lines, assembly areas, or workstations for efficiency and workflow management.
  19. Public and Private Events: Label tables, seating areas, and venue locations during events and gatherings.
  20. Craft Beer Taps: Number beer taps in bars, breweries, or pubs for easy beverage identification.
  21. Museums and Exhibits: Label exhibit areas, artifacts, or display sections in museums.
  22. Outdoor and Nature Trails: Mark points of interest, trails, or stations along outdoor trails and parks.
  23. Gardening and Landscaping: Label plants, pots, garden beds, or landscaping features to keep them organized.
  24. Civic and Community Projects: Use stencilled numbers for civic improvement projects, including beautification, urban planning, and neighbourhood development.

Larger Numbers, Digits, Figures, Arithmetic, Sequential, Maths, Marking.