N50 – Number Set 50mm (0-9)

Image width: mm Image Height: 50mm

This number set includes ten individual stencils: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, which are 50mm high, and vary in width according to the number.

These stencils are essential for adding clear and easily legible numbers to a wide range of projects.


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A 50mm number stencil set provides versatile options for various applications, creative and practical.

Here are some common uses for a set of 50mm number stencils:

  1. Address Marking: Use them to stencil clear and legible numbers on mailboxes, house exteriors, curbs, and gates for easy identification.
  2. Parking Spaces: Mark parking spaces in parking lots, garages, or driveways with stencilled numbers for organization.
  3. Sports Equipment: Label sports equipment, such as soccer balls, footballs, and basketballs, for team identification and inventory management.
  4. Tool Organization: Stencil numbers on toolboxes, shelves, and tool racks to keep tools organized and easily identifiable.
  5. Inventory Management: Apply stencilled numbers to storage bins, shelves, or inventory items in warehouses, retail stores, and industrial settings.
  6. Event Signage: Create event signage, directional signs, and banners for conventions, fairs, and conferences with stencilled numbers.
  7. Construction and Surveying: Mark construction materials, tools, and survey points with clear, legible numbers for easy identification.
  8. Crafts and DIY Projects: Incorporate stencilled numbers into art projects, paintings, and crafts for a creative touch.
  9. Retail Displays: Use stencilled numbers for pricing and product displays in retail settings.
  10. Public Events: Label booth numbers, exhibit areas, and directional signage at public events, fairs, and markets.
  11. Manufacturing and Warehousing: Label equipment, machinery, or manufacturing units with stencilled numbers for organization and safety.
  12. Art and Sign-Making: Create art and signage with legible stencilled numbers for a professional and artistic touch.
  13. Street and Sidewalk Art: Street artists use these stencils for creating numerical designs and street art.
  14. School Projects: Students and teachers can use them for educational activities, math lessons, and art projects.
  15. Weddings and Events: Customize decorations, table numbers, and directional signs for special occasions.
  16. Baking and Cake Decorating: Enhance cake and pastry decoration by stencilling numbers on baked goods.
  17. Model Railroads: Enhance model railroad layouts and dioramas with stencilled numbers for authenticity.
  18. Construction Sites: Mark construction sites with stencilled numbers to identify phases, sections, and areas.
  19. Inventory and Shelving: Label shelves, bins, and storage areas with stencilled numbers for improved organization.
  20. Event Ticketing: Number tickets or passes for easy identification at events, concerts, and venues.
  21. Vehicle Identification: Mark vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and heavy equipment, with stencilled numbers for identification.
  22. Logistics and Shipping: Label shipping containers, pallets, and packages with stencilled numbers for tracking and logistics.
  23. Craft Beer and Homebrewing: Number bottles, kegs, or batches of beer with stencilled numbers for brewing and tracking.

Small Numbers, Digits, Numerals, Figures, Quantities, Arithmetic, Count, Calculation, Orders, Sequential, Learning, Marking.