159 – Peace Doves

Image width: 73mm Image Height: 133mm

A stencil featuring two peace doves carrying a branch and a ribbon can symbolize unity, harmony, and peace. It’s a powerful design element that can be used in various creative and meaningful ways.


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When using the peace doves, branch, and ribbon stencil, consider the colour scheme, surface material, and the context in which you are applying the design to convey the message of peace and unity effectively. This powerful symbol can serve as a reminder of the importance of harmony and cooperation in various aspects of life.

Here are some creative uses for a stencil with two peace doves, a branch, and a ribbon design:

  1. Home Decor:
    • Wall Art: Create a striking piece of wall art by stencilling the doves, branch, and ribbon design on a canvas or directly on your wall. This can be a beautiful addition to your living room or bedroom.
    • Furniture: Customize furniture pieces like dressers or cabinets with the peace doves stencil to infuse your home decor with a message of peace and harmony.
    • Window Decor: Stencil the doves and branch on window coverings, such as curtains or shades, to create a serene and meaningful ambiance.
  2. Tableware and Linens:
    • Dinnerware: Decorate plain dinner plates, bowls, or serving platters with the peace doves, branch, and ribbon design to create a themed table setting for special occasions.
    • Napkins and Tablecloths: Customize fabric napkins or tablecloths with the stencil to add a touch of peace and unity to your dining experiences.
  3. Greeting Cards and Stationery:
    • Greeting Cards: Create custom greeting cards for various occasions, featuring the peace doves carrying a branch and ribbon on the front of the card.
    • Stationery: Personalize stationery, notecards, or envelopes with the peace doves design for a unique and meaningful touch.
  4. Outdoor Decor:
    • Garden Stones: Stencil the peace doves and branch design onto garden stones or stepping stones to promote a sense of peace and unity in your garden.
    • Outdoor Banners: Customize outdoor banners or flags for events related to peace, unity, or awareness campaigns.
  5. Craft Projects:
    • Scrapbooking: Incorporate the peace doves, branch, and ribbon stencil into scrapbooking projects, especially for documenting special events or moments of unity.
    • DIY Gifts: Use the stencil to personalize handmade gifts such as candles, picture frames, or wooden signs with a message of peace and harmony.
  6. Meditation and Yoga Spaces:
    • Meditation Altar: Create a serene meditation or yoga space by stencilling the peace doves and branch design on a meditation altar or yoga mat.
    • Religious and Spiritual Decor: Use the stencil in religious or spiritual spaces to symbolize peace, unity, and hope.
  7. Wedding Decor:
    • Wedding Invitations: Incorporate the peace doves, branch, and ribbon stencil into wedding invitation designs to symbolize peace and harmony in the couple’s journey.
    • TableĀ Centrepieces: Use the design in table centrepieces, place cards, or wedding favours for weddings with a focus on unity and love.
  8. Art Prints:
    • Canvas Prints: Create art prints featuring the peace doves, branch, and ribbon design, which can be framed and displayed as wall art or given as meaningful gifts.
  9. Clothing and Accessories:
    • T-Shirts and Tote Bags: Customize clothing items like T-shirts or tote bags with the peace doves design for a stylish and meaningful look.
    • Jewellery: Design and create your own jewellery pieces, such as pendants or earrings, inspired by the peace doves and ribbon symbolism.
  10. Educational and Awareness Campaigns:
    • Awareness Events: Use the stencil for creating banners, posters, or promotional materials for peace-related events, unity campaigns, or awareness initiatives.

Symbolic, White, Birds, Harmony, Olive Branch, Serenity, Freedom, Tranquillity, Hope, Unity.