210 – Potjie

Image width: 110mm Image Height: 122mm

An African Potjie stencil is a design template features the traditional three-legged cast iron pot used for cooking in many South African and African cuisines. The Potjie pot is a symbol of communal cooking and cultural heritage.


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An African Potjie stencil can add a touch of cultural heritage and culinary tradition to a wide range of artistic and decorative endeavours.

Here are some common uses for an African Potjie stencil:

  1. Kitchen Decor: Create a warm and inviting kitchen decor by stencilling the African Potjie design on walls, dish towels, aprons, or pot holders.
  2. Recipe Cards: Design recipe cards or cookbooks with the Potjie stencil, especially if you’re sharing African or South African recipes.
  3. Culinary Events: Decorate menus, event invitations, or table settings for culinary events that feature African or South African cuisine.
  4. Cooking Classes: Use the stencil in promotional materials or on aprons for cooking classes that teach traditional African cooking methods.
  5. Restaurant Decor: Customize restaurant decor for African or South African restaurants by incorporating the Potjie design on menus, placemats, or wall art.
  6. Outdoor Dining: Create a rustic outdoor dining experience by stencilling the Potjie design on picnic tables, outdoor cushions, or barbecue aprons.
  7. African-themed Parties: Incorporate the stencil into party decorations for African-themed gatherings, such as birthdays, cultural celebrations, or outdoor barbecues.
  8. Cultural Events: Decorate event spaces for cultural festivals, fairs, or heritage celebrations with Potjie-themed banners, signs, or backdrops.
  9. Wooden Crate Art: Customize wooden crates used for storage or display by stencilling the Potjie design, giving them an African touch.
  10. African Cooking Shows: Use the Potjie stencil in promotional materials or as a backdrop for cooking shows or demonstrations featuring African cuisine.
  11. Art and Crafts: Incorporate the stencil into art and craft projects, such as painting, collage, or mixed media art, to celebrate African culture.
  12. Textile Design: Use the stencil to decorate fabrics like tablecloths, curtains, or napkins for an African-inspired dining experience.
  13. Potjie-themed Gifts: Create customized gifts such as Potjie pot holders, trivets, or tote bags with the stencil for fellow cooking enthusiasts.
  14. African Cooking Workshops: Use the stencil in materials for cooking workshops or classes that focus on African or South African cuisine.
  15. African Food Trucks: Decorate food trucks or mobile catering setups with the Potjie stencil, helping to create a distinct and culturally rich branding.

An African Potjie stencil can add a touch of cultural heritage and culinary tradition to a wide range of artistic and decorative endeavours.

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