803 – Sun Face

Image width: 150mm Image Height: 152mm

This smiling sun face stencil is a versatile design element that can add a dose of happiness and positivity to a wide range of creative projects and decorative applications.


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This smiling sun face stencil is a cheerful and versatile design that can be used in various creative projects.

Here are some uses for a smiling sun face stencil:

  1. Children’s Room Decor: Create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere in a child’s bedroom or nursery by stencilling a smiling sun face on the walls or ceiling. This design is perfect for adding a touch of warmth and happiness to the space.
  2. Outdoor Art: Brighten up your outdoor living space by stencilling the sun face on garden walls, fences, or even patio furniture. It’s a great way to add a playful and sunny touch to your backyard or garden.
  3. Summer Party Decor: If you’re hosting a summer party or barbecue, use the sun face stencil to decorate banners, tablecloths, and party favours. It sets a cheerful mood for outdoor gatherings.
  4. Greeting Cards: Create custom greeting cards for various occasions like birthdays, graduations, or just to send a sunny message to someone special. The smiling sun face can be a central element on your cards.
  5. T-shirts and Apparel: Personalize clothing items like T-shirts, beachwear, or tote bags with the smiling sun face stencil. This is especially great for summer-themed apparel.
  6. Art Prints: Make your own art prints or posters featuring the smiling sun face. You can frame and hang them as wall art to brighten up any room.
  7. Classroom Decor: If you’re a teacher, use the sun face stencil to decorate your classroom with a sunny and positive vibe. It’s perfect for preschool and elementary school settings.
  8. DIY Home Decor: Incorporate the sun face into DIY home decor projects such as throw pillows, lampshades, or decorative trays. It’s a simple way to add a touch of sunshine to your living space.
  9. Party Invitations: Design unique and cheerful party invitations by including the smiling sun face on the invitation cards. This works well for summer-themed parties or tropical-themed events.

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