919 – The Hare

Image width: 214mm Image Height: 215mm

This stencil goes together with the 821 stencil (The Tortoise – sold separately). Whether you’re an educator, parent, or content creator, the combination of the cartoon hare, numbers, and the moral of the fable provides an excellent opportunity to teach math and values simultaneously.


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Creating a stencil of a cartoon hare, inspired by the classic fable “The Tortoise and the Hare,” running with the number two on its chest and including the numbers 1, 2, and 3 offers various creative and educational uses.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Storytelling Props: Use the stencil to create props for retelling the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” during storytelling sessions. It can help children visualize the story and its moral lesson.
  2. Race-Themed Classroom Decor: Decorate a classroom with a race-themed educational wall display. Include the cartoon hare and numbers to make math and number learning interactive and engaging.
  3. Math Games: Create math games or board games in which the cartoon hare represents different numerical values. This can be a fun way to teach kids about number recognition and basic arithmetic.
  4. Educational Posters: Design educational posters for home or school that promote number recognition and sequencing, featuring the cartoon hare as a visual aid.
  5. Math Storybooks: Develop storybooks that incorporate the cartoon hare and numbers to teach math concepts in a fun and relatable manner.
  6. Number Sequence Practice: Produce materials for practicing number sequences. For example, design exercises where children need to complete sequences with the cartoon hare and numbers.
  7. Counting Challenges: Create challenges and activities where children need to count objects, and the cartoon hare can be used to keep score or represent the number to count to.
  8. Story-Based Quizzes: Organize quizzes or questionnaires related to the fable, with the cartoon hare as a key element. This helps reinforce the story’s message while practicing math skills.
  9. Math-Related Events: If organizing math-related events or competitions, the cartoon hare and numbers can serve as mascots and branding elements.
  10. Math Lesson Plans: Incorporate the stencil into math lesson plans, particularly for early education, to make learning numbers and counting more enjoyable.
  11. Themed Birthday Parties: Use the cartoon hare and numbers as a theme for birthday parties or events that involve math games and activities.
  12. Math Workshops: Develop materials for interactive math workshops or activities where the cartoon hare represents different numbers or math concepts.
  13. Home Learning Materials: Create supplementary learning materials for parents to use at home, reinforcing mathematical concepts and story comprehension.
  14. Number Recognition Games: Develop games to help children recognize and memorize numbers in a fun and engaging way, with the cartoon hare as a guide.

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