804 – Zebra

Image width: 152mm Image Height: 131mm

This walking zebra stencil offers a fantastic way to incorporate the beauty of wildlife into your artistic and decorative endeavours. Whether you’re decorating a room, planning a themed event, or working on art projects, this stencil can be a valuable tool for creating zebra-themed designs.


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This walking zebra stencil is a versatile design element that can be used in various creative projects.

Here are some uses for this zebra stencil:

  1. Children’s Room Decor: Create a fun and educational atmosphere in a child’s bedroom or nursery by stencilling a walking zebra on the walls. This design can be part of a larger animal-themed mural.
  2. Art Projects: Incorporate the walking zebra stencil into art projects at schools or for personal artwork. It’s a great subject for practicing painting and colouring skills.
  3. Zoo or Wildlife Park Signage: Zoos, wildlife parks, or educational facilities can use the walking zebra stencil for signs, informational displays, or directional signage.
  4. African Safari-themed Parties: If you’re hosting an African safari-themed party, use the zebra stencil to create decorations, banners, or tablecloths that fit the theme.
  5. Textile and Fabric Design: Customize clothing items like T-shirts, tote bags, or pillowcases with the walking zebra stencil. This is especially popular for kids’ clothing and accessories.
  6. Educational Materials: Teachers can use the stencil to create educational materials for classrooms or home schooling. It’s a great visual aid for teaching about wildlife and habitats.
  7. Mural Art: Artists can use the stencil to create striking zebra-themed murals in public spaces, schools, or even in residential interiors.
  8. Furniture Makeovers: Transform plain furniture pieces into unique pieces of art by stencilling the walking zebra design onto dressers, tables, or chairs.
  9. Party Invitations: Design custom party invitations for safari-themed events, children’s birthdays, or animal-themed gatherings. The walking zebra can be a central element in the design.

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